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MAUDIE — Saturday, November 11 at 7:30pm

Tuesday, October 17th, 2017


An arthritic Nova Scotia a folk artist Maud Lewis (Sally Hawkins) falls in love with a beloved figure in the community,  fishmonger (Ethan Hawke) while working for him as a live-in housekeeper.

At the 2016 Vancouver International Film Festival, where Maudie was the opening gala, it won the Super Channel People’s Choice Award, the top audience award at the festival for feature films.

The fact that the film was shot in Newfoundland was the subject of controversy in Lewis’ native Nova Scotia. Nevertheless, the popularity of the film sparked a resurgence of interest in Lewis’ art.


The Big Sick — Saturday, October 14

Monday, September 18th, 2017

6012722_sa-1Kumail is a Pakistani comic who meets an American graduate student named Emily at one of his stand-up shows. As their relationship blossoms, he soon becomes worried about what his traditional Muslim parents will think of her. When Emily suddenly comes down with an illness that leaves her in a coma, Kumail finds himself developing a bond with her deeply concerned mother and father.

98% on the tomatometer.


My Cousin Rachel — Saturday, Sept 9 at 7:30pm

Monday, September 4th, 2017


Norwich Cinema is back at the historic Donald L. Oat Theater at 62 Broadway, Norwich, upstairs from the Norwich Arts Center.

After the fun of watching movies under the stars on the Norwichtown Green, we are happy to present a great movie to enjoy with other movie lovers.

MY COUSIN RACHEL: Philip is a young Englishman who finds his cousin Ambrose dead after traveling to Florence, Italy. He vows revenge against Ambrose’s missing wife Rachel, blaming her for his untimely demise. When Philip meets Rachel for the first time, his mood suddenly changes as he finds himself falling for her seductive charm and beauty. As his obsession for her grows, Rachel now hatches a scheme to win back her late husband’s estate from the unsuspecting Philip.

Starring Rachel Weisz & Sam Claflin Trailer